Early Childhood Education (AEC – JEE.0K) – RAC

Schedule: Part time (2 Saturdays per month, 14 to 18 months total)

Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC) provides a process to receive academic credit for skills and knowledge gained through training, life or workplace experience.

Applicants seeking RAC services for Early Childhood Education (ECE) generally have significant working experience in the field of early childhood education. Through their work experience these individuals have acquired solid competencies and are now seeking formal recognition in order to become certified educators, advance in their career, gain a promotion, find employment, or simply to be formally recognized.

Often applicants work or have been working in positions such as:

early childhood educator • assistant educator • home daycare provider • after-school educator • preschool teacher • nursery school teacher • elementary school teacher

Champlain’s RAC services can help applicants obtain an AEC (Attestation d’études collégiales) by assessing their current competencies, and providing them with training for the ones they are lacking.

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Admission Requirements

To be admitted to a program leading to an Attestation d’études collegiales (AEC), the candidate must have a level of education deemed sufficient by the college and must meet one of the following conditions:

  • the candidate interrupted his studies for at least two consecutive semesters or one school year;
  • the candidate is covered by an agreement concluded between the college and an employer or by a government program;
  • the candidate has completed at least one year of post-secondary studies spread out over a period of one or more years.

Program Content

The Early Childhood Education AEC (JEE.0K) is made of 17 competencies. To receive your AEC, you will have to be evaluated for all competencies. The competencies have been grouped in five categories:

  • General – 3 competencies
    • 0190 To examine the profession of an educator
    • 019B To use creativity in a work context
    • FK19 To identify the pedagogical approach to be applied in an educational childcare service
  • Group 1: Health, Safety and Nutrition – 3 competencies
    • 0193 To function safely in the workplace
    • 0195 To intervene with respect to a child’s health
    • 0196 To promote good nutrition
  • Group 2: Observation and Development – 2 competencies
    • 0191 To observe the children’s behaviour
    • 0192 To identify a child’s needs with respect to his/her overall development
  • Group 3: Child Behaviour and Communication in the Daycare Milieu – 4 competencies
    • 019A To provide support to a child
    • 019J To intervene with respect to the behaviour of a child or a group of children
    • 0194 To establish an affective relationship with children
    • 0197 To communicate in the workplace
  • Group 4: Coming soon – 2 competencies
    • 0199 To analyze a child’s specific needs
    • 019H To establish a partnership relationship with parents and resource people
  • Group 5: Educational Activities – 3 competencies
    • 019D To design activities promoting overall child development
    • 019E To organize educational activities
    • 019F To lead educational activities

Program Cost (Subject to change)

To take advantage of the RAC process, candidates must pay certain fees. The fees are based on the number of evaluations that a candidate has to complete, and may vary from one person to another.

  • $30 admission fee (non-refundable)
  • $45 for a necessary file analysis.
  • $40 per competency (up to a maximum of $500).
  • Maximum total: $575
  • $100.00 – $200.00 for parking (if required)