Transportation and Logistics
Dispatch Specialist

Start date: To be determined
End date: To be determined
Schedule: Part-time

This training program is open to all candidates who meet the admission requirements below.

Program Goal

The goal of this program is to provide individuals with opportunities to broaden their skills and enhance career advancement opportunities in one of the major sectors of economic activity in Québec.

We would like to offer this AEC as a response to the growing demands for dispatchers in the business community of the Eastern Townships.

Next group starts

To be determined

Employment Prospects

The Transportation and Logistics Dispatch Specialist program will train highly qualified technicians who are versatile, disciplined, very knowledgeable in the work place and capable of resolving problems within the road transportation industry.

The job titles for which a graduate of the Program would be qualified include:

  • dispatcher;
  • scheduler;
  • crew scheduler, transportation;
  • transportation route scheduler.

Admission Requirements

Students must have a Quebec Diploma of Secondary Studies or have received instruction deemed sufficient by the College. In addition, students must possess a good working knowledge of English and French in order to find employment in this field. Prospective candidates could be interviewed prior to admission to the program to verify their qualifications and to ensure their awareness of the demands of the job. Potential candidates may be required to take an appropriate remedial course(s) in areas such as second language or math.

Program Courses

The Transportation and Logistics Dispatch Specialist (AEC – LCA.DZ) is made of 13 courses.

  • 410-023-LA Introduction to Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Dispatchers – 45 Hours
  • 410-024-LE Effective Business Communication and Teamwork Skills for Dispatchers – 45 Hours
  • 410-025-LE Customer Service and Sales for Dispatchers – 45 Hours
  • 410-026-LE Human Resources Management for Dispatchers – 45 Hours
  • 201-020-LE Applied Mathematics in Transportation and Logistics for Dispatchers – 45 Hours
  • 420-896-LE Applied Information Technology for Dispatchers – 60 Hours
  • 410-027-LE Laws, Regulations and Customs Procedures for Transportation – 75 Hours
  • 410-010-LE North American Transport – 90 Hours
  • 410-028-LE Problem Solving for Dispatchers – 45 Hours
  • 410-011-LE Operations Management for Transportation and Logistics – 70 Hours
  • 410-029-LE Specialized Transportation – 60 Hours
  • 602(4)-020-LE Second Language for Transportation and Logistics – 60 Hours
  • 410-030-LE Internship Dispatch Specialist – 120 Hours

Program Cost (Subject to change)

  • To be determined