Le service de la formation continue du Collège Champlain de Lennoxville, est maintenant situé au Campus Champlain-Lennoxville.

Nous offrons depuis plus de trente ans une formation de qualité, adaptée aux besoins de la main d’œuvre des Cantons-de-l’Est dans des domaines aussi variés que la décoration intérieure, la comptabilité de la petite entreprise ou l’informatique.

En plus de nos formations, le Collège offre plusieurs services aux particuliers et entreprises notamment des programmes spécialisés en supervision et leadership, informatique de gestion, coaching en ressources humaines ou en publications informatisées.


AEC – Cisco Certified Network Associate – Routing and Switching

The goal of this two-semester program is to prepare students to perform basic installation, configuration, operation and troubleshooting of medium-size routed and switched networks on CISCO networking equipment.


AEC – Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education (ECE) is for individuals that have little to no working experience in the field of early childhood education. This training will provide graduates with the opportunity to become qualified educators in daycare centres.

Starts Fall 2018


AEC – Transportation and Logistics Dispatch Specialist

The Transportation and Logistics Dispatch Specialist program will train highly qualified technicians who are versatile, disciplined, very knowledgeable in the work place and capable of resolving problems within the road transportation industry.


Film Study

This course introduces students to the study of cinema through an exploration of film genres, the works of selected directors, and the language of cinema. Students will be guided to appreciate and understand a collection of significant Hollywood films, while learning how they are constructed and how to decipher their embedded meaning.

Starts Fall 2018

Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture

Students will acquire basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and be introduced to some aspects of the Chinese culture. After this course, student should be able to exchange simple oral or written messages about daily life taking into account Chinese customs, as well as to recognize about 200 characters and read short paragraphs.

Starts Fall 2018


Students will learn how to develop compelling interactive applications that include animation, sound and video. Students will also use their imagination to create an interactive animation along with your very own mini animation movie.

Starts Fall 2018

Music Appreciation

This course will provide students with the necessary foundations on which to base their analyses of musical works. Students will acquire the basic terminology with which to discuss musical works, learn to distinguish between the music of different historical periods, and learn how to comment a musical work using established analytical frameworks.

Starts Fall 2018


These classes are designed to meet the individual needs of the student whether a beginning potter interested in creating your first work of art or a more experienced potter wanting to improve your skills. Dress for a mess ! Fees include materials.

Starts Fall 2018