Competency Description

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Evaluation Description

This seminar will introduce you to North American rail, air, marine and road transportation. It will introduce the regulations and legislation of hauling goods in North America for each mode of transportation and overview the geographical features which are used for the different modes of transportation. In addition, you will review how to calculate quotes for the different modes of transport. The knowledge and skills introduced in this section will also allow you to prepare for the evaluation interview and case study.

Competency Elements and Online Resources

BJ9B-1: Gather all the information on the characteristics of the merchandise, the origin and destination of the shipment and the geographic particularities of North America.

Evaluation criteria

  • Knowledge of the information required.
  • Knowledge of where to obtain the information.
  • Understanding of why the information is important.
  • Knowledge of North American geography.

Online Resources

  • Download this map to practice naming the provinces and territories of Canada.
  • Download this map to practice naming the states of USA.
  • This website has exercises to learn North American geography.
  • This website allows you to learn the states in the USA.
  • This website is good to learn the provinces and capitals of Canada.

BJ9B-2: Consider the North American transportation networks and their constraints to choose an appropriate mode of transportation taking into consideration the economic factors related to each mode (loading costs, freight costs, weight limitations, etc.)

Evaluation criteria

  • Knowledge of the mains rail cars and of their particularities.
  • Ability to choose the appropriate car for merchandise.
  • Ability to select the appropriate means of transportation for transportation by road.
  • Ability to take into consideration economical factors when choosing a mode of transportation.

Online Resources

  • This website explains the equipment (cars, gondolas, hoppers…) that CN uses to transport goods.

BJ9B-3: Determine an accurate itinerary for North American transportation and transmit the information.

Evaluation criteria

  • Accurate itinerary identified.
  • Merchandise correctly organized in truck.
  • Ability to correctly prepare an accurate itinerary to a given destination.
  • Information correctly presented with the number of kilometres and the estimated time.

Online Resources

  • Download this document to practice route planning and loading trailers in the correct order.

BJ9B-4: When preparing a plan for the movement of merchandise, consider the applicable North American regulations and constraints.

Evaluation criteria

  • Knowledge of the impact of regulations for transportation.

Online Resources

  • Download this document to learn about the weight limits for highway transportation in North America.
  • Download this document to learn about the weight limits for highway transportation in Quebec.

BJ9B-5: Establish total route costs.

Evaluation criteria

  • Ability to calculate route costs.
  • Accurate answers.

Online Resources


Preparation Work for the Seminar


Download the outline of the seminar.

PowerPoint Presentation

Download the presentation of the seminar.

Supplementary Seminar Resources




Extra Study materials

  • Statscan is useful for looking at trade flows (the geography of trade).
  • Fina is a think tank with big policy ideas that may affect future transportation infrastructure investments in North America.
  • Hofstra is a New York university with an interesting program in North American logistics and a lot of interesting information open to the public.
  • CEC is interesting because it provides students with other non-traditional career ideas related to training in logistics.
  • This website deals with some of the social aspects of trade.