Competency Description

Business communication in transport and logistics is one of the most important skills to have to be successful in the industry. Whether you are dealing with clients, suppliers, freight forwarders, customs brokers or staff and supervisors, excellent communication skills are not only essential, but highly valued. Improving your oral and written communication skills will give you an advantage in your career. The exercises and activities for this competency will help keep you focused on the three P’s and streamline your communication skills to be as efficient as possible. Additionally, you have the opportunity to develop computer and organizational skills that help you manage your work life more easily. The production of quality business documents, including a research report and oral presentation are part of the evaluation. Participation in an interview is also required.

Evaluation Description

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Competency Elements and Online Resources

BJ1B-1: Receive instructions.

Evaluation criteria

  • Completely collect the information.
  • Appropriately verify the information received.

BJ1B-2: Transfer information using different communication tools.

Evaluation criteria

  • Relevantly select the information to be transmitted.
  • Appropriately choose the method to transfer the information.
  • Accurately transmit the information.
  • Apply best practices for transferring information via: the telephone, text messaging, email, etc.
  • Appropriatly verify the reception of information.

BJ1B-3: Document the transfer of information.

Evaluation criteria

  • Accurately document the information transferred:
    • time of transfer;
    • method of transfer;
    • person the information was transferred to.
  • Properly file the information:
    • accurately;
    • up-to-date;
    • well organized.


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