Competency Description

Understanding that marketing is essential for all business people who need to make strategic decisions to start or grow successfully a business.

Each candidate will develop skills in marketing management with a better understanding of the issues, tools and opportunities to mobilize all means of marketing communication available today. Resources and exercises below will help the candidate to learn this competency and prepare for assessment.

Requirements: The candidate must have experience in marketing.

Evaluation Description

To demonstrate this competency, you can choose one of the following methods:

C1. Previous Training

If you’ve successfully attended training that corresponds to the elements outlined for this competency and were formally evaluated for this training, you may choose to present your training as proof of the attainment of the competency. If so, it will be your responsibility to collect the required documents and present them to your RAC Advisor who will analyse them with the help of a content specialist.

Download the evaluation booklet.

C2. Presentation portfolio previous achievements

If, as a business manager or owner, you have in your experience realized a market study, a marketing communication plan and developed a new product/service, you may choose to prepare a document to demonstrate your achievements in marketing. A content specialist will review the document you submitted and schedule an interview with you to determine whether you can be awarded this competency.

Download the evaluation booklet.

C3. Analysis and presentation of a case study

You may demonstrate this competency by doing a Case Study proposed by our content specialist. For the Case Study, you will be required to analyze the prescribed case and to present your market study, product development and Marketing Plan, supported by a line of reasoning and assumptions made.

Download the evaluation booklet.

C4. Development and presentation of a business plan

If you currently own your own business or manage a business, you may choose to propose a project directly related to your current business, which includes a market study and a marketing communication plan for a brand or a company.

Download the evaluation booklet.

Competency Elements and Online Resources

BJ4C-1: Develop a market research

Do market research using secondary data and segmentation, to identify a business opportunity.

Evaluation criteria

  • Estimate the demand for the identified opportunity.
  • Select and explain the most profitable market segment.
  • Develop a brand identity and demonstrate your understanding of the brand equity and brand capital concepts.

Online Resources

BJ4C-2: Develop a new product/service that meet consumer’s needs.

Evaluation criteria

  • Develop a product/service and explain its competitive advantage.
  • Develop and present a marketing mix for a new product/service.
  • Present the USP and its application for a new product/service.

Online Resources

BJ4C-3: Develop an integrated marketing communication plan.

Develop a marketing plan

Evaluation criteria

  1. Develop an integrated marketing communications plan, including objectives, strategies and budget breakdown.
  2. Write a press release for the launch of a product/service.
  3. Develop and present a brand development plan.
  4. Present the way of measurement of marketing activities effectiveness, including the Return on Investment (ROI) analysis.

Online Resources


Download the presentation of the seminar.